Primal Heart

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I am a lone wolf on this journey that longs for her pack. I want to stand by your side knowing together we will walk the unbeaten track. I am not looking for a knight in shining armour; I am not in need of saving. I wish for a warrior, a true man of honour; that is what I am craving.

To look into your eyes in prolonged contact, deep inside we will know that our souls have an unfinished contract. My heart has a yearning and it is through this I am learning that I am a woman of substance with a deeper connection; I long for emotion that does not subside. All I am asking is for you to join me, to be a high-ranking partner, my Alpha and a member of my tribe?

I am searching for kindling to start a fire that scorches but never dies out, a passion so fierce it starts with a roar and yet its longevity I never doubt. I seek a man with integrity and honour to match; one whose trust from his pack he will never betray. For I am a woman who is loyal and strong, you can count on me as your equal; my heart will never stray.

To know the sensation of my hands caressing your skin, I long for you to enter this space hidden within. I hold open for you and I await your presence; before long I shall know the sound of your voice and its deep gentle cadence. I can’t even begin to imagine the tremours your howls will create, as they radiate through my body, words untold. I send to the Universe this gentle calming request; I shall surrender and wait for it all to unfold.

I want to know how it feels when you look at me like I am some kind of magic. I long to have you before me; anything less would be a tragedy so tragic. There will come a time where we dance under the moonlight with the waves on our feet. I don’t know who you are but feel your vibration; one day soon, for each other our pulses will beat.

To be there in your arms so firm in their hold, your chest rising with breath and your kiss on my lips; knowing you will never release me until I am old. You will know me by the feathers in my fur; I will know you by the energy in me that you will stir. I call you to me without knowing your name; come to me wild, lets never be tame.

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