Food That Could Be Harmful To Your Dog And You Should Avoid

As humans when we go grocery shopping we are very keen on what we purchase because some products have components that could be bad for our bodies. To remain healthy, we stay away from these types of foods. In the case of dogs whatever breed, it is you should also be concerned about the kind of foods that you buy. It is essential that you always check what has contained in dog food as well as treats. The best dog food is the one that comes from natural ingredients. So we are going to look at some of the elements that you should avoid when it comes to dog food and treats.

The first thing that you should check out of is anything that has butylated hydroxyanisole which works as a preservative. It is used to both human and dog food to prevent the food from spoiling because of oils and fats contained in the meals. There has been a researching suggesting that the chemical could be dangerous to the human and dogs because it causes cancer. Here’s a guide on!

Also, you should not buy foods that have soy. It is in food and dog treats as a way of increasing the protein levels, but you should avoid since it can cause problems to the dog. Another product you should avoid is anything that has corn syrup which is usually used in dog treats to make them sweet. It contains too much sugar which can make the dog be hype active, gain weight, could even have diabetes, learn more at PawCastle here!

Another type of product that you should avoid is anything that has meat by-products. Mostly they are made from animal internal remains, beaks, eyes, feet, and even feathers and the worst part is that the body parts could have tumors which could cause your dog serious health problems. Also, some dog foods and treats have preservatives called ethoxyquin. In most places in the world, they prohibited it from being put in human food since it was causing cancer, but the downside is that it is being used to preserve dog food. Some of the diseases that occur when your dog consumes food that has this preservative are cancer, leukemia, immune deficiency, kidney and liver damage and even blindness. So now that you know to make sure that when you go to purchase food and treats for your dog always check the label to see what the ingredients are. To get some facts about dog food, go to

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