The Drug of Love, The Social Hack, and the Connection Driver.

Time to dose up…


The hormone of luhh. (love)

Orgasm, massage and touch produces oxytocin. Oxytocin is known as the ‘love hormone’ which regulates the female reproductive system, and is recorded high amounts for new relationships in their first 6 months of being together.

It is a powerful driver of romantic attachment, empathy and is known for its anti-anxiety properties.

In a couple of words the hormone makes you ‘pro- social’. Have we all seen Rob Kardashian with Blac Chyna recently? Lets say they both have Oxytocin hormones raging! This magical hormone pushes relaxation, psychological stability and trust.

If sex isn’t on the menu at the moment, you can get Oxytocin release from:

  • Hugging someone
  • Actually just touching someone, maybe their arm, look into their eyes. Do it with good intent
  • Video call someone, or just call. But video call is visual and intimate and produces higher levels of Oxytocin
  • Belt out some tunes or sing karaoke
  • Send a gift to someone or shout them to dinner! ** Serious happy hack and feel-good vibes
  • Get walking with a friend. Moderate stress like exercise with another person increases bonding levels
  • Say the ‘L’ word. Maybe to your partner, maybe to your mum…
  • Eat to relax. Not highly processed foods. Healthy, clean products: Eggs, banana’s, berries, dark chocolate
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