Kate Spade’s #Missadventure

The women’s clothing, handbag, shoes and accessories brand Kate Spade is known for crisp colors, graphic prints, and playful sophistication. It is a high end designer brand out of New York that has been popular with girls and women since the early 90’s.

The company created a series of ads that started in November of 2014. They are almost like short movies, starring movie star Anna Kendrick. She was very popular at this time with from the movie Pitch Perfect. She is a very well-liked actress among girls and young women because of her quirky, spunky attitude. I think this is why she was chosen to be the star of this ad series. The ads are featured on television and have done very well on Instagram.

The ad series is called #Missadventure. Episode 1 is called “The Waiting Game” episode 2 is called “The Great Escape” and episode 3 is called “The Best Company” and each episode followed with, starring Anna Kendrick. Each episode is a fictional story about this young woman who lives in New York Cit. She always looks fabulous and is always decked out in (what I’m guessing) is Kate Spade. She looks like she is somewhat wealthy, but she doesn’t quite have her life together. Each episode she is always getting in awkward situations and not really knowing how to handle them like a real adult, which I think is a big theme in my generation right now. There is always upbeat jazz music playing in the episodes, making them exciting and fun. She is also always carrying her very small dog.

In the first episode, she is walking home to her apartment with a fake Christmas tree and tons of shopping bags. She has to drop all of these to dog through her Kate Spade purse to fund her key to get in. she searches everywhere and is unsuccessful. She is locked out and making calls to everyone she can think of to pass the time while waiting to get inside. She also drinks a bottle of champagne with a straw and sings. Once it gets cold she gets the idea to tie together all of her new purchases to make a rope and swing it to get a ladder down. She then gets inside and brings in her dog and shopping bags. Then the logo comes up, the hashtag and credits roll like a real movie.

These ads represent Kate Spade and are paid for by Kate Spade. The ad was created by Kate Spade and produced by Brandon Kiernan. These are labeled in the video information and credits. I think this type of ad is new with Kate Spade. On their campaigns section on YouTube, it contains interviews and regular ads showing their products. This type of movie like episode with a star and fun story lines in new for them. But the feel of the market is similar, like they are still trying to reach the same person but in a new way.

I think this type of ad is becoming increasing popular. People are tired of the same old informational ad. I have seen other brands do short mini-series as ads, for example the Magnum ice cream ads featuring Rachel Bilson. But in my opinion Kate Spade’s has been the most fun and interesting. I think they really hit their target market on the head. Because this is almost like a fun Buzzfeed article or video about the struggles of trying to be a young adult and figure out life. I think a lot of girls could already relate to Anna Kendrick and thee videos are a great play on that. I like that there wasn’t any information about the products, just a cool girl wearing cute, colorful clothes. It emulates what they want their brand to be.

Reactions to these ads have been very positive and upbeat. Many online news outlets and blogs have featured articles on the success of these ads. For example, Hello Giggles, Adweek and Style News. Many people on social media were also very excited about the mini-series, the videos have been shared through multiple outlets, as well as people simply tweeting about being like the character.

I think the best lesson for other brands from Kate Spade is that if you have and interesting main character and fun stories, people will actually want to watch your ads. They will be shared and people will actually be excited when there’s a new one, like a TV show. I think the best thing Kate Spade did with these ads was having such a relatable, fun character wearing the brand clothes and having adventures in them, rather than trying to sell them.

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