Silly Snack Ads

The advertisement for Doritos called Cowboy Kid aired during the 2014 Super Bowl. The ad begins with two boys in their yard, and their mom getting out of her minivan asking “boys can I get some help?” The first brother sitting down in a lawn chair on his phone says “I don’t know, can you?” In a bratty tone. Then the mom steps to the side revealing Doritos in the car. The boys look at each other, and the first brother runs to the car. The second brother who is dressed up like a cowboy, enlists the help of their dog and rides him like a horse, and lassoes the Doritos out of the first brothers hand. When he gets them, he takes a bite. The ad ends with the first brother tied up, the mom cheering and the dog eating the Doritos.

The target audience are people with a sense of humor, because the tone is very humorous. Even though the ad is centered on children, it is funny for any age.

The company, Doritos, is defined when the mom steps away from the car and you see the Doritos bag sitting there.

The ad has a distinct beginning middle and end, and I think follows narrative structure very well. The exposition is the beginning when you get a feel for who the characters are and what they are like. One brother is bratty because he’s obsessed with his phone and says “I don’t know, can you?” to the mom. The other brother is playful and dressed up like a cowboy. The inciting incident is after the mom says “I guess you don’t want Doritos, and reveals the bag. The boys look at each other with intensity and you know the race is on to get the chips. The rising action is when the second brother rides the dog, and the race to the car. The climax is when the second brother lassoes the bag away from him and get the chips. The resolution is when he takes a bite of a chip on his horse/dog. The denouncement is when the scene wraps up with the bratty brother tied up, the mom cheering for the cowboy kid, and the dog eating the Doritos.

The advertisement for Taco Bell, Viva Young, aired during the 2013 Super Bowl. The ad is about a group of old people escaping from their nursing home and having a wild night on the town, almost getting talked to by the cops, and eating Taco Bell.

The target audience are similar to those of the Doritos commercial. People with a sense of humor because the tone is humorous.

The company is not identified until almost the end of the ad, when the old people are in the Taco Bell parking lot after a long night eating Taco Bell.

The story has a definite beginning, middle and end and does follow narrative structure. The exposition is a man lying in a nursing home and his nurse saying good night to him. The inciting action is when he jumps up out of bed and runs outside, and then gets in a car with a bunch of other old people. The rising action is their wild night at the club dancing, kissing younger men, breaking into pools and getting tattoos. It shows these old people are fun and rebellious. Then when the scene shows them parked at Taco Bell eating and hanging out in the parking lot, the scene climax’s when the cops show up and turn on their siren. There is a moment where they’re all scared, but the cops drive away almost instantly. This is funny because since they are old the cops do not assume they are causing trouble. Then the falling action and resolution is when they return to the nursing home after their wild night.

I think the ad with the stronger narrative is Cowboy Kid. It follows narrative structure almost like a movie. It even has a character you are rooting for and a lot of action. The Taco Bell ad does follow narrative structure, but the climax is weak and you don’t really get to know the characters besides the fact that they are rebellious old people.

While they are both funny and interesting, I think the Taco Bell ad is more effective at catching and keeping viewers’ attention. This is because of the upbeat song, which is the very popular and recognized song called We Are Young by the group Fun. Only it is in Spanish this causes people to stop and listen because they recognize it. Also the visuals are very exciting and fun. Plus the concept of old people partying is funny.

I think more people are likely to share the Taco Bell ad because everyone thinks of Taco Bell s kind of young people fast food, and a lot of people think of it as drunk/high food. So the thought of old people going out and partying and doing wild stiff and then ending the night with Taco Bell just like young people would be a very funny idea to a lot of viewers.