What should I consider while buying Children’s Jewelry

Presents of jewelry may help mark special occasions like birthdays or other events like graduation but there are some important considerations when buying children’s jewelry.

There are so many safety issues associated with children’s jewelry. First among these is age appropriateness. Children are habitual to putting every nonfood items into their mouth hence a charm, a locket or a bead could easily become lodged in the throat if it breaks off and causes choking.

Another issue is considering the components of the jewelry. Cheaply made jewelry is often contaminated with chemicals such as Cadmium, Arsenic, Lead, Bromine, chromium, Mercury, and nickel. For a time, many inexpensive costume jewelry items for kids contained much higher than safe levels of chemical compounds, which when mouthed, exposed children to potentially dangerous amounts of chemicals.

Very important issue to consider is allergies. Some kids are allergic to certain metals which are present in many low-cost jewelry pieces. Kids Jewelry is often made with cheaper metals like copper, brass to reduce costs, but this can lead to red bumps, rashes, blisters, and pain.

Most parents can assert that many children are prone to losing things. Lever back earrings and screw back earrings could be the best choice while picking Children’s Fine Jewelry.

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