Wed-Thurs: thinking about what to do in this project, and the mind map.

Fri- Sat: creating the mind map, creating ten silly ideas.

Mon-Tues: gathering ideas from mind map for 3 suggested themes.

Weds: do the fun thing!


Do something fun: asking friend to do something fun with me and also he or she can take photograph for me.

Mind Map (image): I will draw mind map on my sketch book and spend at least one hour doing this. Maybe I will sketch some images on the mind map to remind things that I think of.

Mind Map (digitization): After I finish my mind map on sketch book, I will start translate my map to web application.

Suggested Themes: Then, I will choose 3 idea from the mind maps that I am interested on trying.

10 Silly Ideas: I will write 10 silly idea that may be funny or boring.

Do something fun:

Play Badminton!!!

Badminton is a sport that takes time and energy to play, and I have to prepare my clothes and badminton rackets. Thus, I am often too lazy to play. However, because this assignment, I joined a group of people who play badminton regularly on Wednesday.

Badminton is my favorite sport. Although badminton is not very popular in the U.S. I found a group of people who are also badminton lovers. Therefore, we asked each other what time will be free for most of us, and Wednesday after 3 p.m. is the time when almost everyone is free. Then, I went to play badminton on Wednesday, September 28. It was really fun, although I do not know all of them, they are very nice and willing to play with me.

Himalayan Dinkytown

After we finish playing badminton, we went to eat dinner together. They always say the dinner is the motivation makes everyone come playing badminton. We went to a restaurant in Dinkytown — Himalayan. They also say their goal is to eat all the restaurants near east bank!

Mind Map (image)

I started drawing the mind map on my note book, and I realized it did not seem there was enough space to put all my ideas. Therefore, I continued making my mind map on the website.

Continuous on the software.
Final version

Suggested Themes:

  1. Warm bags: In Minnesota, extremely cold weather is really bothering me. Warm bag is a very light product that can product heat for a period of time. Also, they are not like clothes that have different sizes, so people may not be able to share the same cloth. I think it is a great product and I want to explore more about it.
  2. Music in relation to mental health: When I listen to music, I feel relaxed. I always listen to music when I do my homework because it feel like the time taken to finish my homework is reduced. On the other hand, music can reduce the stress from the work. For me, music is a way that allows me concentrate on the things I am doing. Therefore, I want to do more research on.
  3. Vitamins: In the market, there are many types of vitamins or fish oil. I have wondered whether our bodies are benefited from these products. In our daily diet, we have already consume a lot of vitamins from food. If we consume more than we actually need, would the vitamins pills be harmful to our health instead?Therefore, I want to explore more on this area.

10 Silly Ideas:

combined alarm and neck

“Wearable Alarm”, users set the time with their smart phone and wear it on the neck while sleeping, the product creates sound and vibration which will more likely wake up the product user.

combined polluted air and filtration.

“Personal Air Filter”, the product filters polluted air that could be harmful the user’s health like smoke from cigarette.

“Always-Warm Coffee Cup”, the way the cup designed to insulate outside air and the hot liquid inside.

“Arm-Pillow”, designed to support your arms when your rest on the pillow so users feel comfortable reading book or using phones. Two sides arms bends to the center to pressure added.

combined hairdryer and time

“Long Hair Solution”, the product designed for women who have long hair. Long hair always takes a lot of time to dry, and this product will reduce the drying time by dispersing hair.

combined fork and pills

“Container Fork”, people who are sick or need consume medicine after meals, this fork can keep your pills inside.

combined shopping, vehicle and space

“Mine Shopping Cart”, most of the shopping carts are huge and taking a lot of space in aisles. This product designed for people who do not need to buy many things in the store and provide space in aisles.

combined concentration and phone.

“Smart Phone Locker”, smart phones often disturb our daily life. This product is designed to lock smart phones for a period of time. Once the timer set, the product will physically lock the screen of the phone by tighten the top and bottom.

“Two-Color Light”, a white light pipe with two layers. One is transparent, which product the same color from the light pipe. Another one is yellow or some colored layer, which provides alternative opinion for people who think white is dazzle.

combined laptop and old.

“Reminder Tattoo Sticker Printer”, the product print words or patterns. It is designed to remind people the things they need to do, or they just want some tattoo stickers.

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