(Lyrics from the Janus7Aries Album)

Verse 1

You said you liked a little tantrum

With your tantra,

You thought he’d outgrow it;

So he put a ring on your finger,

Then he cut it.

He could be so sweet,

Like cane, so

One more chance

Then he’d blow it,

Even when your tummy starts to show…

Beats like no tomorrow.

Now you’re tryin’ not to talk too much,

Keep some shade on that smile

Since he called you a slut.

Papa got a hook on your throat,

So you’re toein’ the line,

By the time the cock crows once,

You’re already takin’ a blunt….

Goldie, you… (x3)

Verse 2

He used to take you out in his car

We saw him beat you right in the drive-in,

Now you wish it was a dream

Stabbin’ you when you’re sleepin’.

Last night, went to the bar,

Some guy asked you to dance,

So he tied you to the bed

Strap ’til you shit your pants.

But now you back in the crowd

With your chest out proud

God all you need to get by,

Got all the pills you can buy,

It’s a hard knock life but

At least your status says “wife”,

By the time the damn cock crows twice,

Your eye’s already on ice….

Goldie, you… (x3)

Verse 3

After dark, you know he likes to keep it domestic,

So home or away, you pack that first aid kit.

Now you’re viral, Goldie, you got so many hits,

And cuts, and beats, hold your nose

But we could smell the punch from the street:

You think the dentist don’t see?

Think the doctor don’t know?

You think I can’t tell his touch?

You think your eyes don’t show?

It’s Chapter 2, Verse 3

You think that cock won’t crow?!

He don’t know much

But you’ll get his First Degree


Goldie, you… (x3)

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