Be a baby again

Can we be a baby again? Everybody knows that only exists in the fairy-tale, but it happened to me. As an English learner, I experienced to go back to my childhood in writing in English. From crawling to walking, then running, same as from letters to words, then, sentences and paragraphs. What excites me most is that I can go through this process with an adult mind. I can see my changing from typical Chinglish to English. If I describe learning English as a people ‘s life, I must be twelve years old now.

At the very beginning of study writing, I always composed in Chinese and then translated into English. Apparently, the consequence is that the reader easily misunderstands or utterly have no idea with my ‘baby writing.’ I was so confused their reaction until I attended John’s composition class. “The reader has no background information about your writing, you should tell them what is in your mind,” said by John. Indeed, different languages have different cultures and thinking modes, and especially American reader likes clear and direct expression which is opposite side of Chinese reader. I still remember when I was in high school in China, the composition teacher tried her best to force students to use as much as adjectives and rhetorical devices which can embellish a simple sentence into a grandiose paragraph. Because of that, it’s arduous for me to comprehend the essence of writing skill.

Nobody knows what will come across after next corner. Luck enough, I met Suzanne as my composition teacher this quarter. “It is the importance not only of expressing your ideas but of presenting those ideas as a response to some other person or group.” From our textbook “they saw I way.” After reading several articles and arguments, I found that the connection between the writer and reader is always balanced. These writers express their opinion based on what others said, which sounds more persuasive and logical. Moreover, the templates given by “They say I say” give me a mind refreshment on how to start a sentence. These templates are just like the baby walker to me. I hope I can become a good writer in English after more practice.

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