Right & Wrong — Week 5 NFL Fantasy Football QB Boom/bust Accountability Edition

My least favorite thing about wild and bold predictions made by sports network guys is the lack of accountability for their picks. Cough…Trent Dilfer…Cough. We rarely see the results of how good or bad these guys are at making their predictions. Then the next week they’re right back at it again! So I thought I would do things a little differently. And since it’s always more fun to revel in my own misery, let’s start there…

What I Got Wrong:

  • NOT a bust: Matthew Stafford → 20 points. He only threw for 180 yards….AND 3 TDs. Crap. My bad.
  • NOT a bust: Dak Prescott → 19 points. I was one rushing TD from him having a less than stellar week.
  • NOT a BOOM!: Eli Manning → 11 Freaking points. Don’t worry I followed my own advice and started him too. Hope that helps.
  • NOT a BOOM!: Paxton Lynch → 11 points. Bucs D and my love for the Broncos blinded me. It will never happen again. It also might happen again. I can’t be sure.

What I Got Right:

My Obvious Booms:

  • Big Ben: 31 points
  • Tom Brady: 29 points.
  • Carson Wentz: 16 points.

My Not-So-Obvious BOOMs:

  • Phillip Rivers: 28 points
  • Derek Carr: 19 points
  • Brian Hoyer: 23 points. Outscored Andrew Luck by 2 whole points!


  • Matty Ice Ryan: 14 points. I’m saying I got this one right because my advice was to temper expectations and he scored less than 15 points.
  • Kirk Cousins: 12 points.

Sort of Got Right/It’s Debatable Section:

  • Ryan Interception Fitzpatrick was my Most Shocking BOOM! of the Week, tallying 14 points. I’ll say I was right on that one, but will leave it up to you. At least he didn’t throw 6 picks!
  • **Cam Newton Ended Up Being Inactive for MNF.

That’s it! I think the results are clear. You should always take my fantasy football advice, swallow it whole, digest it, poop it, and see what comes out! Or you can just go with your gut, but you’ll probably be more wrong than me. It’s your funeral!