This castle was an important part of my childhood.
Legos — They’re What’s for Creativity
Will Staton

This castle was an important part of my childhood too.

My mom loved Lego growing up. Her next door neighbor was a businessman and had brought back some of the earliest Lego sets from Denmark. She was hooked.

After I was born, she compulsively bought any Lego she saw at garage sales. This was way before Ebay, and people didn’t know what their toys were worth. Back in those days you could get a giant rubbermaid bin for $20. People were just happy to get the toys out of their house.

Fast forward to 1996. I’m seven years old, and my mom really wants to be in Lego magazine. She took photos of everything I built and would submit them to every contest Lego magazine had — she even submitted some of her own things under my name.

That November, Lego published something I built in their “Cool Creations” section of Lego Mania Magazine. As a prize for being selected, I got $100 to spend on any Lego set I wanted.

At the time, my mom wanted me to get Fort Legoredo — but the MSRP on the set was only $89. I wanted to get my money’s worth, so I picked Royal Nights Castle, whose MSRP was $99.

I was through the moon when it came in the mail. I ripped the package open and built it on the floor in my room right there.