You are falsely claiming this to dodge the points.
Louis Weeks

Re: Mexico. Actually I would hold Mexico to the same standard. And why are we supposed to compare our country’s policies to that of a corrupt, still developing country.

Re: NAFTA. The north of Mexico benefitted from job transfer, but the south did not. Also, US government corn subsidies allowed American agribusiness to outcompete Mexican corn farmers, so many farmers found themselves out of work.

Re: theft. Theft of what, exactly? If you were born here, does that mean that you were given something of great value based on some kind of merit? No, where you were born is an accident. Even people who believe in reincarnation don’t, by and large, say that our soul gets to pick our nationality.

Re: America’s responsibility. We have, over the past 200+ years of our existence as a country, meddled in the internal politics of nearly every country in the developing world. Including assassinating their leaders and setting up our own (Chile, Iran, Ghana), funding counterinsurgency movements (Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua), using economic pressure to blackmail them (Haiti), actual invasions (Iraq, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Phillippines, Mexico), and so on… so yes, I’d say that we as a country have left enough of a trail of destruction (that often reverberates for generations) that we should take in people who are descended from those we have beaten up. As should all countries.

Lastly, if you don’t want to read the blog, you can read these reports:

These and other studies (well-researched and sourced) paint a more complex financial amd economic picture.

Finally, your point about history. America was built largely on the backs of enslaved Africans, indentured servants, unpaid women and barely-paid white labor… from land that was stolen from Native Americans. So really, why does America get to suddenly say who “deserves” legally to be here.

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