But all other major Nations enforce immigration laws from one extent to another, America’s laws are actually pretty mild compared to some. Try looking into how Australia treats illegal aliens. Australia is considered a Liberal Utopia but even they have extremely strict immigration laws
You are dodging, answer the question, why it is okay for all other nations like Mexico to have…
Louis Weeks

This is simply not the case. The EU nations have visa-less travel among people of member states. There are several West African states that have visa-less travel. Other countries don’t patrol their border or spend significantly less doing so than we do. Our refugee screening process is considered stringent by UN standards.

If you don’t trust the SSA’s own reports then I don’t know what to say.

If you really think that America wasn’t built by slaves and unpaid labor then I think you need to read some history.

Re: the right to migration — this is not some thing from ancient history. It’s something that people still enjoy in some sections of the world, and while laws on immigration are fine (as in “don’t do anything bad while you’re in this country”), the current obsession over criminalizing immigration goes back inly to 1996, where Clinton signed an act that vastly expanded the CBP’s powers, INS (now ICE) jurisdictions, and the categories of “deportable offenses.”

Re: giving aid to poor countries. This is true. It’s also true that first world countries extract more wealth from first world countries than they give to it. So does that still make it okay?

Re: “countries where they belong.” I am not dodging this. I think it’s irrelevant. You “belong” where you are. People are not property.

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