How To Tell A Lie


Believe It, 100%

Let me get straight to the point — the key to lying is believing the lie. It sounds easy enough, right? And yet this is easily the most common mistake people make when trying to make someone fall victim to their lie. They become focused on trying to make the person believe their lie, rather than believing the lie itself is actually true.

Think of it as a cause and effect. I believe my story is true, therefore I’m going to speak with conviction, confidence, and make continuous eye contact when telling it to you. You’re going to believe me, because those are the key components peasants — sorry, people — look for when determining if they should trust you.

Shit, okay this is going to sound ridiculous and completely cliché, but here it is anyway. I just realized it fits perfectly into The Three C’s.

  • Conviction
  • Confidence
  • Continuous Eye Contact

I guess that’s 4 C’s if you count “Contact”. Whatever.

The key here is to let yourself fall into the reality where your lie is in fact true. The faster you fall into that reality, the quicker you’ll come off as telling the truth.