Attitudes That Will Change Your Relationships for the Better

Our attitudes shape us and our relationships like a piece of clay is transformed into an object by the potter.

What ideas and attitudes are shaping your relationships now? Are they positive or negative? Let’s explore some positive attitudes that will improve your relationships this year, if you will implement them.


Many people regard this as a negative trait because of the “me first” mindset that is the hallmark of our society. But a humble attitude makes you a better person in so many ways: you will listen to others more, the needs of friends and spouses will be more apparent, etc. Your relationships will be more fulfilling and meaningful as well.


Listening is not just a word, but also an attitude. If you are more concerned about what you will say in return to that person, you are not truly listening. It is putting them first instead of what you are thinking and trying to say. You will learn a lot more if you become a good listener.

Genuinely Care About Others.

People put up false fronts that look like they care, when this is not true. Be genuine in your relationships, and watch them blossom.

Get Close to God, His Way.

You are his creation, and he desires a close relationship with you, but you must make that choice. Remember back in your earlier life, when you had a crush on someone, but they didn’t return that feeling. This is a way of showing how so many people treat God now. He has so many benefits for you, but it takes a genuine relationship with him to get what he offers you. Your attitude toward God determines what kind of life you will have, and your eternal destiny. This is the most important decision in life. Will you return his love in a positive way?

How You Treat People.

However you treat people will be what you will get back later on, in greater measure than you gave. Make sure, then, that what you give out is positive, or your life will end with loneliness and sorrow.

If you truly respect and love someone, you will not want to control them. This type of control is a negative character trait even though it is very common in our world. Controlling others builds resentment, stress, and eventually alienates them from you. I am sure you don’t want this done to you, so refrain from those you supposedly care about.

Instead, work on your own life. The Bible tells us to practice self-control. We should be so busy working on our own lives, that we don’t have time to control others.

If you work on putting these attitudes into practice, your relationships will dramatically improve for the better. But, as with all of life, it takes sincere choices on your part to make them happen.

Happy New Year!

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