Relationships Series: Expectations

I grew up with epilepsy and blindness. Therefore, in his own way, my options were laid out for me by my Dad.

He only completed eighth grade, so I had a battle to be able to go to college. He believed I was rubbing it in about his lack of education because I wanted to get a higher education. This was not true!

Whenever I wanted to do something beyond his expectations he would say, “You can’t do that because of your condition.” Or “Are you sure you want to do that?” These tactics undermined my ability to progress and to mature, as well as planting self-doubt in me.

When I went to Oregon for a year to learn to be an evangelist, my Dad told my future father-in-law that I was going to be learning to be a custodian at the school where he worked, when I got back. I said no! You can imagine what happened next.

I had a hard enough time finding a career without being pressured into something.

My testing for rehabilitation came back saying I should be training to be an accountant. Yeah, right? I tried one class for that and failed because I couldn’t see the lines where to put the numbers.

I tried a quarter of study at a university but failed everything because there was a bus strike during finals week, and my Dad wouldn’t take me.

It wasn’t only my father who tried to pressure me into certain molds, but others in my life as well. You may have to fight for a large part of your life to stay on the course God wants for you. But, if you keep trusting, God will bring about your miracle in his timing not yours.

To put food on the table after getting married, I worked in retail sales. This would later serve me well when I became a minister and evangelist.

My parents were going to send me to a Bible College earlier in my life, but it would have cost them many thousands of dollars and been a long way from home. The one I graduated from 25 years later, my education was completely paid for by the church I was attending. During the interim between the two, I matured as a person and as a Christian. I had many experiences along the way that would help me later on in life

After all the struggles from listening to others, i ended up graduating from junior college with a Liberal Arts degree. I then went to Bible College for three years to become a minister. I received a Bachelor of Theology degree from that institution with almost perfect grades.

I had counselors at the junior college I attended who were very supportive. I got a scholarship for a four-year course of study in psychology at a prestigious university. But I had to turn it down when it came through because my wife was very ill, and died a couple of years later. We had been married 33 years.

Now, I am a volunteer minister in my community. I pass out free Bibles to anyone who wants them. I often get to pray with people as I go about my ministries. Praise the Lord!

So what is the point of all that I have written here?:

Despite whatever anyone else wants you to do, you must be the one to select what your life goals will be, otherwise you will be confused and unhappy.

Because people put only certain options in front of you, doesn’t mean you are obligated to do just those, if any. You can look outside the box of expectations from others and plot your own course with God’s wisdom.

Keep your life centered on God and He will direct you to the right path to take. Proverbs 3:5-6

God will use all of your experiences to make a good life for you if you will keep trusting him, no matter what. Romans 8:28

He had a purpose for my life despite all the obstacles I had to fight through. He will do something wonderful in your life, also, if you keep believing no matter what the odds are. Jeremiah 29:11

I am now remarried and living my dream as a minister helping people. God has a dream for your life, as well, even when you maybe have quit dreaming because of hopelessness and other reasons.

Action Point:

Trust God with your past, present, and future. He will shape them like clay into something beautiful you will truly enjoy, if you let Him. Will you?