Need versus want

I have always hated excess in any form. I have purposely gone from a life where I had everything and was miserable, to where I am now, owning nothing and happy.
 There can be a tremendous relief when you realise that you can live without any possessions.
 Ditch the worry of paying your monthly mortgage, your credit card payment, the cost of running that expensive car, bills for food we don’t need.
 Our needs and wants walk a fine line and even change from couple to couple.
 I suspect that part of the reason that we confuse the two so easily is because our culture teaches us to be impulsive and listen to our urges. We are taught that you Only Live Once (YOLO), that you should Just Do It and to enjoy the moment just to name a few.

Advertising, marketing and music are constantly trying to reveal areas where we are deficient so that we believe that we need their product. Our relationships are not immune to these messages. We are told that we need to be flawless looking for our partners, and are left with an aching feeling that we will never be enough.
 We have all of these muddled beliefs and expectations about what we need. These needs are largely shaped by the media and relationships we have observed, whether in real life or on the television screen.
 Here are some critical thinking questions that can help you reality check whether your desire or impulse is a need or a want. You can stop and ask yourself:
 Is this something that I need in my relationship in order to be satisfied?
 Is this something that I can live without?
 If I don’t get this thing what will be the result?
 Is this a requirement for a healthy relationship?
 Am I being impulsive?

A tragic event in my life was my awakening. I emptied my life of possessions completely and became free. Fifteen years later I still own nothing and I never will,

but my life has never been happier.

You don’t own your stuff, your stuff owns you.

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