A box of Ice-Cream

The other day I went to my regular supermarket and was in the billing queue when a box of ice cream in cashier’s hand caught my attention.
The funny part is I usually don’t give a damn about ice creams but that day, that moment don’t know why I decided to buy a huge box of ice cream — the family box.

No matter how old are you, buying ice cream makes us happy, isn’t it? And knowing that it’s there inside your refrigerator makes us happiest.

And now the story starts, your subconscious mind knows you have ice cream, your body will give you sudden cravings as soon as you finish that dinner. 
You happily scoop out that favorite part of your life right now, relish it, let it melt in your mouth and may be have a good sleep after. Nonetheless, it continues every night until the box is empty. Now what? You don’t really buy another box of ice cream immediately when it’s finished. So the days between you had the last ice cream on till the date you buy the next box, these are the days you can really think how our mind and body works. It doesn’t crave, you still have dinner as usual and same old routine. You have broken the addiction, although temporarily.

We are vulnerable to things when they are available, brilliant brain trains itself. Availability is vulnerability ! Should we break the habits, addictions? Or should we break the bond?

A box of ice cream can come in form of human, alcohol, medicine etc. Benefit till it lasts!

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