Tacos Falling From the Sky

Tacos Falling From the Sky

Barney Watson Guzman was a princess
who slept each night with magic beans under her pillow.
She lived on Alcatraz Island in the year Z.
Each night, at three AM,
she ate one bean from under her pillow.
The bean gave her the power to transform into a mighty troll.
Normally, by 9 AM,
She would change back into a regular princess.
But one night,
when she woke up,
she became extremely hungry and ate all the beans!
Hair grew from her ears.
Large warts manifested on her nose, chin, and shoulders.
She felt powerful and strong.

Princess Barney lept out her castle window
and ran howling into the forest.
A frog, a bunny, and a gorilla greeted her with “ribbets” and “hoots”.
“People are destroying our forest!” the creatures told her.
The frog, bunny, and the gorilla said,
“Let us prepare for war. Let us show you our village!”

Princess Barney Watson Guzman saw tacos all around the village.
The tacos were raining down from the sky.
The houses in the village were made of tortillas.
The village is named Chill Village.

Without a moment to spare, the princess, in troll form, declared,
“We must do three good deeds if we want to save the forest!
First good deed: clean up all the taco shell pieces.
Second good deed: say nice things.
Third good deed: feed the village pieces of the tortilla houses!”

Princess Barney Watson Guzman discovered an island with a secret cave.
She crossed the ocean and climbed up a mountain to reach the cave.
Inside the cave was a special bottle of un-hot sauce
that would make the tacos less spicy and eventually disappear.
Unfortunately, a huge fire and lava-breathing dragon blocked the entrance of the cave.

The princess said, “Excuse me, please move,” but the dragon refused.
“Fine, I’ll leave,” but instead, she took a jackhammer and drilled a hole in the top of the cave.
She took the un-hot sauce and used it to cool off the ozone layer
that allowed the tacos to fall from the sky.
There is always a solution, you just have to sit and think.

Acorn Woodland Elementary Student Body from Epic Poetry Day 
Grades K-5th


It started as all epic poems do, en medias res (in the middle of things).

Chapter 510's fearless ED Janet Heller took the stage at Acorn Elementary’s all-school assembly in a grand announcement: that the students had only one hour to produce 11 Epic Poems in a never-been-done-before all-school poetry relay race!

Once students learned all they needed to know about epic poetry, en medias res, and all the ground rules sent by the Prime Minister (No Boring Poems!), they were off.

Every ten minutes, students had to tube up and bid farewell to a poem and welcome a new poem into the room to continue the previous classroom’s story from character creation to setting descriptions to embarking on journeys to overcoming great obstacles (and scary villains) all the way to “The End.”

Chapter 510 is a made-in-Oakland youth writing & publishing center. Our teaching artists and volunteers work side-by-side with educators to provide a safe space and supportive community for young people ages 6–18 to bravely write.

Our vision is that every young person in Oakland learns to write with confidence and joy.

150,000 words | 1,500 students |50 books
Help our students’ words take shape.
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