A (great) night out

I am so insanely tired.

I got home last night…Sunday night…at 230am, and was up bright and early for work this morning at 7am.

The 40-minute commute drive home this evening was grueling…I literally felt like a zombie. But hell was it ever worth it. The whole weekend was so well worth it.

You see, I live on a farm, outside the city. Yes, I moved onto a farm about 3 months ago, after a full life growing up, living and working in big cities. I was moving back to the US from France, I needed a change and was I ever fortunate to find this amazing place that I now call home. It’s absolutely stunning. Serene calm, beautiful landscapes…but here’s the catch: I’m recently single and I’m running into more deer lately than I am men — well just generally running more deer than people!

It’s been…I have to admit…lonely.

A new job, a new lifestyle, a new home, a new continent…and well, adjusting to life without the guy. Don’t get me wrong I am staying positive, but sometimes it gets a little solitary.

So when 2 friends came to visit this weekend — I was beyond overjoyed. I was ecstatic. I was without words. Dinner on Friday night at home…. Saturday at a country club in upstate NY, followed by drinks and dinner in Brooklyn, followed but a night at the VMAs on Sunday…it was just bliss. I felt alive again.

I don’t know exactly where it hit me, but I do believe it was on the rooftop of this pretty chill and generally awesome bar in Greenpoint, BK. I was standing with my friends, drinking a cider, when all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I noticed a super old friend that I hadn’t seen in forever. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but it really was him. I must have looked like a total freak but I leapt across the rooftop, tapped him on the shoulder and gave him the biggest hug. Right then and there I had this indescribable blast from the past feeling. I felt like I was back with family, I felt comfortable, I felt at peace. I felt like I was with one of my best friends. A feeling I haven’t felt in quite a while now.

He and his wife were just as happy to see me, and I’m not joking when I say that all of a sudden this serene confidence came over me and gave me the will power to move onto the next chapter of my life. I decided then and there I have to make it back to the city. I have to make it to BK.

Now, it may not be tomorrow (that’s for sure) — but I will make it back. Sooner now, then later. I am convinced of it and I am ready to embark on the journey!

I am going to sign off girls now, as I am literally exhausted! But will update you on my progress to venture back to the island that is Manhattan in a few days! Hope you’re well!