A Commander: For where Dreams Would Lead

“If you limit your choice only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise.”
― Robert Fritz

Imagine you are a commander of battleship. Your assignment is to sail the sea and take your army to an island far far away from where you are now. But, as the ship goes by, you know that your capability to reach the island is outnumbered by the obstacles you face. And, you have only two choices, go back to a safer place or keep going.

For Ibu Mora Wula, her life is similar to such an allegory.

Ibu Mora Wula is one of our Mothers of Light from Hanggaroru Village, East Sumba. A poor village which inopportunely does not have access to electricity, located about 10 KM away from the main national road.

Ibu Mora Wula, one of our Mothers of Light

We still remember the first time we met Ibu Mora on a cloudy early morning when our team first set foot in Hanggaroru. From a distance, we saw a group of women gathered at the village office who were waiting to be interviewed. When we interviewed Ibu Mora, we could sense her positive vibes. Unlike other women, she could clearly articulate her purpose of joining this program and one of her goals is to be able to send all of her children for higher education (university level). We were impressed by her strong willingness to learn and later on discovered that something must substantially motivate her.

Five years ago, on a fine Friday morning Ibu Mora’s life was torn apart. Her husband got into an accident and passed away. Ibu Mora now lives with 6 of her children. The unbearable pain of losing a husband enveloped her life in a matter of second. One cannot imagine how devastating it is to lose the source of your comfort and companionship.

Although, she was grieving, she understood that there was no point moping around and feeling sad. Just like the story of ‘The Commander’, her choices were either to give up or gain enough spirit to go on living life and chase the dreams that she and her husband have set before.

Now, Ibu Mora Wula was successfully able to send her eldest son to earn his Master’s degree (yes, you read that right — a Master’s degree!) and is now focusing on her other children’s education.

For Ibu Mora, the Mothers of Light program might not significantly improve her financial condition or even help her fund her younger children’s education. But, the spirit and determination shared during the training, especially during intrinsic motivation session, boost herself to keep striving for her children’s education.

“Saya berterima kasih sama mbak-mbak yang mengajak saya menempelkan mimpi-mimpi. Saya jadi merasa selalu diingatkan untuk terus berjuang demi mimpi saya dan anak-anak saya.”

“I thank you for asking me to paste my dreams on the wall. It becomes a constant reminder to keep fighting for my own dreams and my children’s.”

Her story inspires us and we hope that through the Mothers of Light program, she will inspire her children as well.

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