Avoir la flemme, ça a aussi du bon. Et quand on est développeur, on peut s’en servir. On a une arme redoutable : la capacité de créer des programmes. On peut facilement automatiser une tâche.

C’était mon cas récemment. Je devais mettre à jour un référentiel dans l’application. On m’a…

During this spring, as the trees began to bloom, I had the idea of scheduling recurring pair-programming sessions. I really like this practice. In my opinion, pair-programming brings a lot of good things. Regardless of the people’s level, or even their difference in level, what emerges from it is very…

I’m currently working on an old project with a painful legacy. I’m often dealing with code that I don’t understand and I can’t get help on: other developers don’t have much more knowledge, and Product Owners have lost functional knowledge.

It’s a common observation. Legacy code is surrounded by a…

Jordan Chapuy

Craftman & agile developer @benextcompany

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