2. Am I facing the right direction?
The 3 Questions My Therapist Asks Himself Every Day
Josh Hoffman

This reminds me of the Tim Ferriss podcast with Marc Andreessen.

Note: this is copy and pasted from Ferriss’ Business Insider article here.

I’ll let the below exchange speak for itself:

TIM: “What advice would you give to Marc, the 20-something, at Netscape?”

MARC: “I’ve never for a moment even thought about that. I don’t do replays well. The question I’ll never answer is, ‘What would you have done differently had you known X?’ I never, ever play that game because you didn’t know X.

“If you’ve ever read the Elvis Cole novels by the great crime novelist Robert Crais — Elvis Cole is this kind of postmodern, L.A. private detective. They’re great novels, and he’s got this partner, Joe Pike. He’s my favorite fictional character, maybe of all time. He’s a former Marine Force Recon guy, so a lot like your friend Jocko. And in the novels, Joe Pike always wears the same outfit every day. He wears jeans, he wears a sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off, and mirrored aviator sunglasses. He’s got bright red arrows tattooed on his deltoids pointing forward. And, basically, his entire thing is ‘forward.’”

TIM: “So that’s how you feel?”

MARC: “Forward, like: We don’t stop. We don’t slow down. We don’t revisit past decisions. We don’t second guess. So, honestly, that question, I have no idea how to answer.”

TIM: “I think you just did.”

MARC: “Okay, good. Onward.”

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