Where we stand in design today ?

Charan Singh

I am writing this because i wanted to share the thoughts that boggle my mind daily whenever i see people talking about design around me. That where we have reached till now in understanding design ? My curosity only led me to write this.

All of us in this field are naming our roles as UX designer or CX designer or UI Designer or Interaction Designer etc, as it goes on further. We have read books & articles, we learnt from our seniors, we have worked hard for years to get a satisfaction factor for ourselves that now we know something about design or even more than most of the others. But what i think, we have achieved nothing yet.

On daily basis, we go to our work & start doing research, personas, brain storming etc. Till the end of the day we reach at particular agreement to call it a day based on the analysis of people using particular product or things. This all seems perfect until some problem comes & bother us again. We still repeat the steps & again settles to particular results. What i am trying to say is that we are solely dependent on what we observe which is true as only experience leads to truth. There is no harm in that. But is that only what a design holds ?

But, in today’s world everything is moving & developing fast & rapidly. We are inventing things to make this world a better place. We can travel fast, pay instantly, make delicious coffee in a minute etc. But there is no tech which can make our design better in that manner.

There are session recorder & analytics tools which help us to track user activities. But after that we have to take next steps & decisions using our brains only. It takes hours, days , weeks etc. So, there is no tech which is there for pure design help. We are only observing things through tech but at the end we have to suffer the pain of decision making & give our time. Its not like coffee brewer where machine itself decides the water temperature, sugar level etc. We are not able to make that intelligence yet . Even if we have entered into machine learning and AI era, Still we have no clue about its help in design.

So, we have not dig even an inch inside design. There is not AI or software which can do that for us & can understand the design. We still are in stone age of design where we use our brains only to do all the work for it. Haven’t we discovered enough yet about design or even nothing ? Who knows ? Wrapping up, i would like to say only that isn’t is needed to have a look on all our efforts we did put in for this & whether the time is being utilized in the right direction or did we even know the right direction ? Who knows ? Do we even need an AI for this world if we figure out something truly worthy ? Who knows ?


Charan Singh

Written by

A 24-7 thinker, After the unknown! An Serial Entrepreneur, Distance Runner, Meanwhile I build inspiring cultures & products @ startups!

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