Postman is an excellent tool for testing APIs. The response for an API call can be validated against a JSON schema to ensure that the values are valid in terms of type and format. In this article, we will explore how external JSON files can be loaded into Postman to avoid duplication of schema, in turn, making the tests more maintainable.

Postman does not (as of v7.3.4) support the ability to reference external libraries and files. Which means that we will have to get the schema loaded in the environment variable to parse and use it.

Primer on JSON schema & Tiny Validator library

Before we begin, it…

Now that your environment is all ready for getting started with development we will jump into checking how to use CLI (Command Line Interface) to generate basic project structure template.

CLI helps us generate a basic structure and fetches all the required dependencies. It is by far the easiest way to get started with developing your app. You delegate all other overheads of searching, installing and maintaining up-to-date dependencies to the CLI.

Creating the basic project structure using Angular CLI

Open a console, navigate to your working directory and and fire the following command:

ng new tiny-app

Note that if you wish to use a different version of…

Before you can start developing any app using Angular you would have to get your development environment ready. For developing using Angular 5.x.x you must install Node.JS and Node Package Manager (npm)

But why do we even need Node.JS?

Node.JS is used to manage the dependencies of an Angular application. If you manage to get those dependencies without Node.JS then you do not need it. But, manually maintaining these dependencies will eat away a good amount of your time. Moreover the packages you would be using for development advance at a very rapid pace and manually updating them in a project can soon seem to be a…

Getting started is a series of post on learning Angular for beginners. Follow the series to get a jump start in knowing what this client-side framework has to offer and how you would be able to leverage it to make incredibly reactive applications. These posts aim to be short and focused only on a limited scope at a time.

Every post will be updated with post to next and previous post to help you maintain continuity. Feel free to leave your feedback to help us improve the post.

What is Angular ?

Angular is a JavaScript framework that helps developing web applications. It provides…

Wanted to learn computer programming but not sure where to start? In this video series I try to introduce you to basic concepts that you would find in almost any programming languages.

There are no pre-requisite for this course. This course is independent of any programming languages and focuses purely on building up the required foundation to get you started with almost any programming language.

We will be covering the following topics in this playlist:

  1. What is a computer program & how does it work?
  2. Abstract programming concepts — Pseudo code & Flowcharts
  3. Syntax — The rules of programming languages
  4. Working with data
  5. Program flow
  6. Introduction to Object Oriented Programming [Article]

I present to you a list of a few common mistakes new devs (and sometimes even experienced) usually do. I believe that learning from these mistakes would be of some help to you. So, here is my pick of the Top 10 mistakes.

10. Trusting user’s input

Never trust the inputs provided by the end user. Also don’t blame them, mostly they do it unintentionally. We all make mistakes. This might not be of great concern to them but a piece of bad data could potentially bring down the application or cause compliance related issues. Apart from naive non-technical users we also have users…

Complex real life requirements need to be model into instructions for the computer to understand. We have a few paradigms like Procedural Programming, Object oriented programming, Functional Programming etc. which can help in modeling the business requirements into computer programs. We will be learning about one such paradigm called Object oriented programming. OOP is a philosophy and is language neutral.

We will be taking a look at the four concepts which act as the pillars for Object Oriented Programming.

  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism

Watch a short video explaining Object Oriented Programming Concepts.

What is Object Oriented Programming?

Older programming languages like COBOL and C…


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