She’s Winning when She’s Loosing- Iaso Tea Detox

So there’s this tea that everybody’s gulping down, and loosing pounds. while I’m over here with the “mommy pouch” and summer’s soon approaching…Yikes! So after praying and meditating and procrastinating (you know typical mom on a budget process)I decided to join a company called Total Life Changes affectionately known as TLC. I got the today in the mail! 6/21/2015. What’s special about today is its my daughter 3rd birthday today….and Father’s Day!! So i mean talk about a sign from above…so here goes the first day of my new life of winning…I mean loosing..(weight that is) I’ll document every day so follow me on social media! Facebook:Charday Harris, Youtube:Charday’s Way, Instagram: Collegemommi23