Overcome your fear as a fresh graduate

“I am moving back home”

A friend came up to me a few weeks ago and told me that he is returning to his hometown 653km away from Jakarta. He is leaving the promised land where jobs are supposed to be abundant, dreams are achieved, and amazeball — careers are built.

He has been trying so vigorously to land a job in the tech industry for the past few months and he has finally given in. His face, once lit with stalwart ambition, pure dream, and desire to create an impact through his design.

Nope — Any trace of that…

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How can I grow and be on my most elevated level?

Take that small steps. One step at a time and persevere.

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The component that doesn’t always fit into a spreadsheet.

Influence our user’s emotions positively towards our design

I woke up this morning at 5:30 AM, got up from my bed, brushed my teeth, looked into the mirror (i wanted to know if it’s a good day to take a selfie!”) dressed myself up for morning run.

“Damn, i am still full from last night’s KFC and a cup of sinful brown-sugar-bobba-drink” Ended up just drinking two glasses of water instead of my favourite carton milk, put on my odd-day running shoes, and off i go to my morning run.

Oh, gotta put on Speechless by Naomi Scott before i get into my running tracks. …

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I used to spend all my time as an Education Consultant serving young parents, many of them are first-time parents concerned about future of their firstborn.

I would see them everyday, listen to their anxiety about how their son have yet to adjust to the classroom and explain wonderful theories that this is all part of the process.

When i left my corporate life and jumped into mobile apps development, i thought years of sales experiences will not make much contribution, i was determined that this will be a completely new challenge and start all over.

When it clicked


Richard Andhika

Designing People Experience.

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