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Visa Chargeback Reason Code 85

Visa chargeback Reason code 85 is applied when issuing bank gets a notice from card owner that merchandise was return, but merchant hasn’t refunded, and credit hasn’t appeared on bank statement. It is caused by not issuing credit, or issuing it but not depositing on time and it didn’t appear on bank statement. It can also be caused by not returning credit because merchant don’t accept return, and it was not properly mention in policies.

Visa Chargeback Reason Code 85 Causes
It is generated when card brand receives a request that merchandise was returned or service was cancelled, and merchant didn’t refund. There are some causes that are associated with merchant:

  • Business or merchant didn’t returned credit
  • Has issued the credit, but couldn’t process on time so that it appears on the monthly billing statement of cardholder.
  • Didn’t apply limited return, wasn’t properly disclose, or cancellation policy wasn’t applied after request from the client.
  • Business don’t accept returns and that is why credit wasn’t returned. In this case merchant has to mention in policies, but if it is not then fault lies on merchant’s end.

Preventing Visa Chargeback reason code 85
Consider adding return policy, including for gift receipts.

  • Make sure to issue credit on time for all the goods which were returned. In order to ensure that card owner don’t take merchant’s intentions negatively, communicate with customers and tell them that it will take several days for credit to appear.
  • Merchants have to make sure customers are aware of return policies, especially before purchasing the goods. Return policies should clearly be mentioned near cash register. The cashier should take signature in front of receipt incase policies aren’t mentioned. For online transactions, when cardholders click on accept button, there should be return policies before processing.
  • There are some merchants who don’t accept returns, or accept only for certain items. For merchandise which can’t be returned, this fact should clearly be stated on transaction receipt near signature.
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