The biggest payoffs require the biggest risks . . .

The pressure is now on you — the river card has been dealt and it’s the one you were hoping for, you now have a dominant four of a kind. Problem is, three of the cards on the table are hearts and you fear your opponent may have a flush. But you’ve done your job throughout the hand by playing aggressively, you’ve studied the table being sensitive to your opponents tells and you have calculated the odds. You have a decision to make; you feel like you have the best…

What words that resonate in your mind when you are faced with a challenge?

For me, it is a quote from a leader that I admire, Sir Winston Churchill:


It is an eloquent statement, and the message is powerful. Regarded as an amazing orator, Churchill chose his words carefully and put tremendous thought into his messages. He understood the power of persuasion. His words were applicable to the politician, the warrior, the upper class and the poor alike. He had empathy for all people, and focused on speaking in a common tongue.

When I repeat this quote, it…

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

– Jack Welch, Former CEO of General Electric

The world desperately needs new leadership.

We need leaders who are energetic, bold, inspired, filled with character and drive and are ready to take on the world to make a difference.

We need leaders with compassion, integrity, empathy, creativity and courage.

We need leaders who are diverse in many things: technology, social justice, economics, science and engineering.

I’m reaching out today to adolescents who feel the gift of leadership inside…

EXECUTE: brick by brick. . .

As you undertake the journey to becoming an effective and respected leader, each responsibility you assume adds strength to the never-ending process of finding your purpose — your “why” in life.

When you are entrusted with major initiatives, the ability to prove your value as a leader increases. Look at it like bricks on a house. Your passion, which is always under construction, adds a brick to your experience and credibility.

The respect, trust and enthusiasm you put into action provides the vision for others to follow; it adds another brick.

When you are tasked with a project, and you…

There are going to be times in life where you find yourself becoming complacent, or begin to spend an inordinate amount of time on the “problems” as opposed to the “solutions”. It’s particularly easy to lose the forest for the trees at various points during one’s career.

To become a successful leader, it’s important to recognize these events and redirect your attention in the moment to make things right. Change must come if we are to move forward. Only through self-awareness and maturity as a leader can we recognize that the only controllable in that process is ourselves.

There is…

Where does inspiration come from?

Is it a hidden treasure or accessible for anyone to discover?

Should we set aside time each day to look for our inspiration, or does it just come naturally?

Do we need to prepare for it?

History tells us that the Ancient Greeks thought it came from the “muses”. Others have spoken of dreams, gods or goddesses. Today, people talk about finding inspiration “somewhere outside of themselves”.

“Inspiration is hard to come by. You have to take it where you can find it.”

- Bob Dylan

In my opinion, inspiration is all around us —…

An imagined reflection on regret

As I celebrate my 80th birthday today, the first thing I’ve noticed is that there aren’t many people around to celebrate with. My family has left this earth, my kids don’t talk to me much anymore and I never really had any friends, or at least friends I could always count on. For that reason, I’ve spent most of the day reflecting on my life, and the experiences along the way.

What’s sad is that only one word comes to mind on what should be a milestone occasion.


I don’t feel like I led…

Fostering Positivity: a True Leader’s Obligation

I always get such a sense of hope and optimism when I hear Louis Armstrong sing the 1968 hit song, “What a Wonderful World”. Its beautiful rolling melody and simple lyrics seem to provide a rare nostalgic distraction from current reality. But how wonderful was the world in 1968? It was in actuality a very turbulent year in the United States, with racial and political havoc coming from all sides. A continued presence of American troops increased further in Vietnam resulting in multiplying rallies. There were riots in Detroit and growing racial unrest in…

Boiling an egg takes 12 minutes.

A trip to the moon takes 3 days.

High school takes 4 years.

Becoming a leader takes . . . . ?

For those aspiring to become a leader, the question that most often comes up is “How will I know when the time is right?” But time is simply a tool; it doesn’t define you, your achievements or your readiness to make them — including your quest towards becoming a leader. Perhaps the more important question is, “How will I know when I am right?”

Everyone is looking for the shortcut, the quick way, the Cliffs Notes, or in the current vernacular, the HACK. If your goal is to be an effective and respected leader, however, you cannot “hack” your way to the top. There are no shortcuts in the journey toward success. You will have to work hard, be persistent and have tremendous patience. Then — and only then — will you possibly earn the privilege to lead. And make no mistake; leadership is one of the most precious privileges you will ever earn.

The perception that there’s an easy way to instant entrepreneurship…

Victor Pisano

Leadership lessons for the real world, from a guy who talks with his hands a lot. Motivation to inspiration, IQ to EQ - Victor Pisano breaks it down here.

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