iPad OS: redesigning Siri and multitasking on the iPad Pro on the horizon of the Apple event
Kévin Eugène

Great ideas and stunning use of Principle, as always!

Especially like the double-tap to switch between a full screen app and split view. But then having a drag and drop clipboard on the dock would also be extremely welcome.

The one thing I’m afraid won’t work so well is having a flow of 3 apps. You can see in the gif after creating it that 2 of the 3 apps appear only partly visible, obscuring the UI and the content. At the same time, it also changes the behaviour of the home indicator bar to the somewhat awkward behaviour of zoomed photos: you first have to scroll to the edge until you can swipe to the next one. When opening the app switcher, you also seem to loose the preservation of the multi-app workspace.

My take on this? The philosophy that makes iOS so effective in its use of the screen is that none of the following issues of the traditional desktop windowed UI exist: overlapping windows (obscuring content behind them), windows beyond the edge of the display (obscuring content outside the display) and visible parts of the wallpaper image (unused space while you can’t enjoy the full wallpaper either.)

In the currently used split view that is always full screen, it’s also 1 swipe to go to the third app — except it’s in another workspace. This way, you can still drag and drop content and preserve the split views in the app switcher. However, I do see the possibility to snap 3 apps in one space on both sizes of iPad Pro. They would all run in compact mode as Apple likes to call it.

Keep it up, love reading your stories and I hope Apple reads them too! (Apple: please notice that the home indicator turns into the dock!)