How To: The Introvert’s Guide To Networking

“A flower being passed romantically from hand to hand” by Evan Kirby on Unsplash
Source: Sarah’s Scribbles

In this hyperlinked and connected world, though, to succeed requires more than just being good at your job; it requires you to know and interact with people who matter.

Step One: Don’t.

You shouldn't be forced to do anything you don’t want to do.

Step Two: Go Overboard.

So, you would overcompensate.

It was an uphill battle that I lost, quickly.

Step 3: Use Tools To Talk

Adding them on LinkedIn doesn’t mean that I need to talk to them, too. It’s just a method to keep track of them (and help them keep track of you).

I’ve also learnt that I can handle networking for about an hour before my energy levels dip dangerously low.

Source: Sarah’s Scribbles

Keeping a high level of control over my networking makes it less stressful, and I can ensure that it’s useful for me, without draining my energy.

One last thing I’ve started doing? Taking credit for my accomplishments.

Sticking to the work topic makes your conversation focused. It also makes it easier to end the conversation, as you can always say ‘that was really helpful, thanks for the advice, I’ll add you on LinkedIn and we can talk more another day!’

Avid pop culture fan, marketer, overthinker. Fueled by stubbornness, ice cream, and tea. Writing personal stories, movie reviews, and everything in between.

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