CRN Week #3

Liberty University Continues to Expand in the City of Lynchburg

Jerry Falwell will be receiving a proposal within the next month about Liberty increasing the hydroelectric power from the Lynchburg dam. Liberty University employees are currently strategizing the pros and cons of taking on such a major investment. The university feels as though such a large investment will bring in more money over the years.

Stay in Your Lane

Recently, in a near by town, a major accident occurred sending several people to the hospital. There was a 5 car pile up because of one man failing to drive in his correct lane on the road. As a result a total of 8 innocent people were effected in some way, and the police were forced to charge the man who could not stay in his correct driving lane.

Virginia Tech Freshmen Abducts Young Girl

A freshmen at Virginia Tech has been charged with abduction for taking a 13 year old girl. This young girl recently had a liver transplant and does not have her medicine, wherever she may be at the moment. Police are planning on covering the college campus to continue investigation.

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