Gov. Terry McAuliffe

Source 1

  • He focuses on growing and strengthening a new type of Virginia economy
  • He wants to create a lot of jobs throughout Virginia.
  • He wants to be a trustworthy kind of politician and encourage that atmosphere throughout the government, not just with himself.
  • He limited gifts on himself to being under $100
  • He doesn’t want to just build a better today, but encourages investments that will benefit the future.
  • He reset standards of learning
  • He helped create support for veterans by enlarging the Virginia Values Veterans initiative.
  • Worked to give more rights to released felons.
  • He was a co-chairman of President Bill Clinton’s second campaign as well as a chairman for Hillary Clinton’s first campaign.
  • He has 5 kids.
  • His wife’s name is Dorothy and they were married in 1988.
  • He went to a Catholic University and also went to Law School at Georgetown.

Source 2

  • Gave 60,000 felons voting rights soon before register deadlines happened.
  • Wanted to give voting rights to all felons, but state only allowed some on a case by case basis.

Source 3

  • Was investigated by the FBI in relation to the Clinton Global Initiative

Source 4

  • Promised to veto a bill that disallowed abortion after a woman is 20 weeks into pregnancy.