Chapter 10 EX. 10.3

Name: A Coke for Christmas 2016

Advertisement: Coca Cola

  1. It uses snow, christmas trees, christmas decorations, and visuals of smiling families and loved ones to define the location.
  2. It also uses uplifting music, birds chirping, christmas bells, and the clanking of Coke bottles to define the unified action.
  3. It uses the slice of life format to show the involvement of Coke in people’s lives and to associate the product with the warm Christmas feeling, as well the idea of togetherness and unity.
  4. The commercial is about surprising loved ones with a Coke this Christmas. By giving people this beverage you will make them feel loved, appreciated, and happy. Sharing a coke with someone is the perfect way to bond.
  5. The target represents families because of the commercial’s themes of nostalgia, bonding, and warmth. The family theme is present throughout the commercial in its visuals, atmosphere, and sound effects as well.
  6. The benefits of coke represnted consists of a great new and improved taste, along with zero sugar, which is vital around the holiday season.
  7. The call of action is to surprise your loved ones with Coca Cola this Christmas.
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