Spiritual op-ed
Jonas Ellison

I literally do not understand this. Oh, I comprehend it, and think I also grasp its vector and what it is pointing to.

But I simply drop the generalization to the ground as a bone with no meat to eat.

I am not talking out of my ass when I talk about spirituality…and neither do I do any of the things you assert “They’ll” do.

And no…I am not mad, or upset or offended…I am truly puzzled that you crammed a very good idea into this straight jacket, and I think the article hadda go poo and could not get free to get rid of the poo…

thank you, but I turn it down and walk on.

And I will read you, cus I like your flow. But this one…hit redo and write it over again in a year or two…cus there IS a really good caterpillar crawling around in it.

I truly wish you peace, joy and that special life when tapped into Spirit, my friend.

Charissa White ❤

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