10 Best Skills to Learn for Doomsday

Did you hear? The world was supposed to end last Wednesday. A Christian sect pronounced that a fireball would destroy the world. If you’re reading this, and are still enjoying the leisure and freedom of social media posting, then the prediction — thankfully — was a miss.

Of course, at the rate we’re plundering the world and the simultaneous tragedies occurring in different parts of the globe, it might not be long before doomsday comes. Is it going to be caused by a great gigantic fireball in the sky or an electromagnetic pulse disaster? Will it be an epic economic collapse or global warfare? Maybe the world will end in the decaying hands of zombies?

Well, whatever will cause the world to end, you should prepare by learning a skill or skills. Specifically, these 10 skills that increase your chances for survival.

1. First Aid

First rule of survival: Make yourself useful — indispensable. What could be more useful than having some form of medical training? Learning first aid — from treating wounds to CPR — will make you a valuable member of a surviving community.

2. Navigation

Forget your fancy GPS. When the world ends, you’ll have to rely on a compass and a map to find your way around.

3. Piloting a Plane

Do you recall that scene from “2012” when the entire ground crumbled and driving like a Nascar driver didn’t seem like it was going to be effective? Learning to fly a plane will come in handy in any disaster.

4. Catching Food

This not only means learning to hunt and fish but also to forage in the forest — assuming there will be forests. You’ll want to learn which edible forest treats are safe for eating.

5. Combat or Self-Defense

You would not wish it but you might run into situations when you need to fire a weapon or fight someone in close quarters.

6. Home Brewing

And by that I mean beer, whisky, vodka and any other drink that will help you and your fellow survivalists make the best of a very bad situation. Just because the world has gone to hell does not mean you shouldn’t get wasted now and then.

7. Purifying Water

Of course, water is still the best drink in the event of world destruction. You need to stay hydrated when getting resources and building your shelter. Since supplies will eventually run out, you can’t expect to keep running to the groceries to get bottled water. So you need to learn how to purify water.

8. Building Shelter

Learn how to build your own shelter in any location and you will survive. Your shelter should protect from you the fallout of whatever disaster may come — from carbon monoxide to super rabid zombies.

9. Aquaphonics or Urban Farming

You cannot last long without decent food. While bugs and critters might provide you with temporary nosh, it’s safer to learn how to grow your own food.

10. Negotiation

Finally, whether it’s with your own group or another group, it pays to learn the art of negotiation. This way, you keep the peace between different factions and try to live in harmony — even amid the destruction.