4 Fundamental Facts About Bulletproof Coffee

The globally recognized Bulletproof Coffee is prominent for its several different advantages. It has stretched its reputation across many countries, including Hollywood — the prestigious neighborhood where celebrities live luxurious lifestyles. Just because it is a known type of coffee, though, doesn’t mean everybody is aware of it. So for those who are yet to be introduced to the promising Bulletproof Coffee, below are some of the most basic facts about it:

  1. It can keep one awake and more active longer than the usual. Much like other types coffee, Bulletproof Coffee has caffeine (a substance that enables the body to be more stimulated). The caffeine, in turn, enters the bloodstream and travels into the brain to enhance neuron activity.
  2. It promotes mental clarity and performance. When caffeine reaches the brain, it blocks a certain neurotransmitter called adenosine, a chemical compound that is responsible for a person’s attention and alertness. Though adenosine is what keeps the body from being inattentive, it is also the reason why the body loses energy. When the body arrives at the limit of how much adenosine it can take, a person feels sleepy and tired. Caffeine, on the other hand, takes the place of adenosine so the body cannot reach its required limit, keeping you proactive.
  3. Yes, too much coffee can harm one’s body, but then again, doesn’t everything? There is an old saying that goes: “Too much of anything is bad,” including coffee. However, if consumed with the right amount and proper rate, Bulletproof Coffee can do more good than damage. Three cups of coffee a day is the maximum recommended intake of Bulletproof Coffee. Keeping oneself at such safe rate can prevent a person from being dependent on it.
  4. It can help maintain one’s figure and enable good diet. Sure, Bulletproof Coffee can’t compete against a complete meal with fruits, vegetables and meat, but not one food in the world can provide all the nutrients the body needs neither. Bulletproof Coffee can do one thing, though, and that is to not let the body go beyond the limit of the right amount of food it should consume. During breakfast, for instance, Bulletproof Coffee can take up enough room in one’s stomach to not have the desire to eat more.

Those are just some of the advantages Bulletproof Coffee can do to a person’s body. For more information, read up from other sources or simply search for its official blog page or website.

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