Here’s What Happens If You Hurt My Sister

My sister’s face was twisted into a grimace. It was the opposite of what I was expecting to see. We are meeting for coffee, and I know that her appointment before ours was a trip to a new spa she wanted to check out. Naturally, I was looking forward to being greeted by a refreshed, calm, blissful woman — not this creature who so eerily gave me flashbacks of her moody high school persona.

It turned out that she was in pain. After gulping down her strong, black, brew, she told me that she was already feeling a bit of a backache that morning, the result of poring over reams of legal documents the night before. So she thought that the massage session she booked was timely, as a bit of soothing touch therapy will do her sore muscles some good.

Obviously, it didn’t — the massage actually just made things worse. The masseuse, it turned out, kept insisting that the hard pressure she kept applying to the painful areas in my sister’s back was a “technique” to iron out the kinks and release the “cold air” trapped between her muscles. But it only made the area more tender and sore. What’s more, it even affected other areas that were previously feeling fine.

I advised my sister to go to a reputable massage therapy facility to have her painful back checked. I told her that she should go a clinic where the therapists have been trained and educated by respectable institutions .

I know that she would be in “good hands” in every sense of the phrase if she went to such a facility. Trained and experienced therapists will not only address her pain points, but their holistic perspective to healing will also help her achieve overall wellness and well-being.

However, I warned her not to expect to be offered the “frills” that the spas she visits usually have. There might be no hot tea served while she relaxes in her suite, or aromatherapy candles in the room, or red rose petals on her massage bed. I saw her perfectly threaded and tinted eyebrow rise a bit, but I firmly told her that this time, the therapist’s knowledge of human anatomy and physiology is more important than the thread count of the bathrobe the facility will provide.

I felt sorry for my sister, but I know that a good massage therapy session will help her recover in no time. I honestly felt sorry for the spa that “wronged” her more. They will surely be hearing a lot from her in the coming days, and they will know the wrath of a woman of the law (with a moody teenager trapped inside) scorned.

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