How to Make Your Website Work for You

A “pretty” website is nothing if it isn’t getting the traffic and results your business needs. It’s not enough to have the eye-catching images, colors, and fonts, and the attention-grabbing copy. You may have a combination of these elements — but so do all the other websites. And you need to rise above the millions and millions of other sites on the Web.

How do you do it without working ceaselessly?

Boost your search engine creds.

Your SEO campaign should consider the key categories: keywords, blogging, links, and social media. Each category will bring your website closer to your target market. And it will bring your position in the search engine results page higher. Provided, of course, it’s done right.

This means using the right keywords, generating helpful blog posts regularly, writing about topics that are valuable to your consumers or clients. It also means knowing which sites your consumers frequent.

Your website needs to work on every device.

If your website isn’t still responsive, you’re in trouble. Most people do their search, transactions, and other online activities on their mobile devices — from smartphones to tablets. You will lose a great deal of traffic, and with it, opportunities, if your website cannot function on smartphones or tablets.

Consider every page in your website a landing page.

Not every user will go straight to your home page. So you need to design every page on your website as a landing page. Make sure that crucial information is included in every Web page.

Work on building authority in your industry.

The most trusted and reliable businesses do not have to take on too much effort to turn their websites into money-making machines. This means making sure you’re meeting your customers’ needs. It also means finding ways to improve your products or services. And it especially means addressing bad reviews or feedback, however small.

Use videos. Use CTAs.

Videos are effective in improving click-through rates when included in emails. Videos also encourage longer exploration of your website when included in your home page.

But your videos need to convey what you want visitors to do. And the right call to action will secure the right results.

Improve your content.

Finally, good content has a way of boosting traffic. It can turn visitors into buyers, and buyers into loyal customers. But don’t limit your content to written posts or articles and videos. Expand content to valuable infographic, white papers, and engaging podcasts.

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