How to Supercharge Your Mornings

When I was young, I would wake up every day to music set to maximum volume (most likely the same goes for our neighbors back then, too). It can be anything from classical to early Bob Marley and the Wailers albums to punk to revolutionary tapes from the underground, depending on my father’s mood.

The music would seep into the last scenes of my dreams, sometimes even driving pivotal turns of events in my dream sequences. I would be humming the tune and feeling the rhythm in my chest even before I open my eyes and become truly awake. This overlap of my dream states and waking life is one of the best parts of my childhood.

I wish I can say that I have brought this magical habit to my adulthood. Unfortunately, I’m not as chill as my parents. I have neglected this ritual especially lately as life got more hectic. My delicious mornings now start in panic mode, my to-do list occupying my subconscious. It’s a really lucky day when I get a bit of time to dream.

But, I’m not giving up the fight. I’m working to take back my mornings (soon — right now, I have some deadlines to meet). I’m developing a game plan, and I’ve started by listing some of the good morning habits I’ve neglected and plan to start doing again. Making a list is a good start, right? Right.

1. Sleep early. Yes, this happens the night before. But it’s essentially a crucial part of building a supercharged morning.

2. Drink warm lemon water upon waking up. Don’t hoard lemons with this intention and just let them die in the fridge; actually use them.

3. Move. Stretch, walk, jump jacks, anything to get the blood going.

4. Keep still. Meditate or just stare into nothingness in silence, just to clear your thoughts and refresh your mind. Ah, the luxury.

5. Drink bulletproof coffee. It’s just my usual brew mixed with VCO or MCT oil, sometimes using a handheld frother for texture. Some people in my household cringe at the smell/taste/idea of it, but I actually find it delicious. And someday I hope to get my hands on the real thing, with certified clean coffee beans, grass-fed unsalted ghee and Brain Octane Oil, for “authentic” biohacking.

5. Enjoy a good breakfast. Cold, with oatmeal, granola or fresh fruits. Or hot with the whole shebang, with protein, grains, eggs, juice and even dessert! While reading a broadsheet! Breakfast is hands-down my favorite meal.

6. And of course, music. Volume: max.

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