How to Tackle Home Maintenance Chores More Efficiently

In our previous house, my biggest stressor was the gravel path in the garden. Whenever I attempt to sweep the grounds, the small rocks keep mixing in with my real target: fallen leaves, dirt and debris.

On paper, a girl with a broom in the backyard creates such a nice, wholesome image — on a sunny day with the birds chirping, you could almost mistake me for Cinderella. But in reality, wrestling with a wonky broom, avoiding the rocks from getting into the dustpan and putting the little stowaways piece by piece back in place was the opposite of a fairy tale.

Some people might find it puzzling that I would be having problems with such a simple household chore, but I have to admit that housekeeping is not where my greatest strength lies.

I’m not ready to give up, though. I have spent so much time online learning about the best ways to tackle the Sisyphean task of making a home spic and span. Thanks to Google, I dare say I can improve as a homemaker. The following are some of the tips that caught my attention:

Shortcuts are not evil. Finding a quicker way to do things without sacrificing results is not lazy, but smart. For instance, who says you need to cook complicated dishes every time? A one-pot pasta dish, a quick skillet stir-fry recipe, or a complete meal roasted in a single pan are actually genius solutions to feed yourself and your family healthy food without someone slaving away in the kitchen or washing up a lot of pots and pans after.

Consistency over one-time big-time. Make a commitment never to waste entire weekends away cleaning. You can make this possible while still keeping on top of your chores by strategically scheduling your chores during the workweek. Clean up as you go so the mess and the work won’t pile up. Wash the dishes after eating. Do dry groceries in your lunch hour during the week (it’s less crowded and you’ll work the aisle faster because you have limited time).

Delegate. Not just in terms of recruiting your housemates, such as your spouse or your children. Effective delegation also means spending some money to free up your time. You have to realize the fact that some chores are best done by the experts — particularly lawn maintenance. Tasks such as mowing, fertilizing, weed control, lawn renovation, even tick and mosquito control all require professional skills, systems and equipment. Try it — even superheroes need help sometimes.

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