Smoothie Hacks: How to Whiz Up Delicious, Creamy, and Power-Packed Drinks

Some smoothies look so delectable that you end up slobbering all over your keyboard as you scroll through a smoothie blog. The images are so maddeningly amazing, capturing every crest, consistency, and color, that you wish you were having it — all of it — at the very moment you discovered it.

Unfortunately, the technology to “extract” smoothies from food blogs to your desk has yet to be developed.

In the meantime, you’ll have to content yourself with actually making the smoothie. Yet even with the recipe staring right back at you and the most basic steps explained, you can’t muster up the energy to schlep to the kitchen and whiz it up.

There’s no need to despair or keep buying your smoothies from health shops or hipster cafés. Here are several smoothie hacks that should make this delicious, creamy and healthy beverage within your reach — and into your belly.

Freeze it

From fruits to vegetables to coffee, you can save time with making cold smoothies by simply freezing your ingredients. Freeze fruits and veggies in bags. You can also blend veggies together and put them in ice trays. Do the same for coffee.

For bananas, don’t forget to peel and chop them up before freezing so you don’t have a hell of a time later when you’re ready to mix it.

Turn Desserts into Smoothies

If you’ve made milkshakes, baked goods, and the like, you can turn those into smoothies. You’ll already know what ingredients to use so it should be easier to mix. But you may want to substitute certain ingredients, like instead of cream go with Greek yogurt; instead of white sugar, try agave nectar, and instead of Dutch-processed cocoa, use organic cocoa powder.

If you’re taking smoothies for pre- and post-workout drinks, you might want to add an ingredient that will pack a more powerful punch, like a protein powder. Protein powders not only turn your smoothies into meal replacements but also help you maximize a workout and recover from it because it delivers the nutrients your body needs.

Experts in natural superfood products and all-around resource for health and fitness recommend choosing protein powders that are high in fiber because it keeps the digestive system healthy. It will improve metabolism and stabilize blood sugar levels so it’s good for the body.

Smoothies in Muffin Tins

Yes, that’s a thing. Listen, if you’re always running late in the morning and do not want to give up your smoothie, make them the night before. Pour the mixture in muffin tins; freeze overnight. And then throw the little darlings into your blender for a fast smoothie fix.

I Hate Clean Up

Finally, if the thought of cleaning up your blender is preventing you from enjoying this delectable beverage, just combine dish soap and water in the blender, whiz it up, rinse thoroughly, and you’re done.

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