Timeless Tips for Your Best Lawn Ever

Having a lawn is one of the best ways to have a little piece of nature, even if you live far from the countryside, the beach or the great outdoors. As you may know, studies have proven how being in natural environments can provide outstanding benefits to one’s mental and physical health.

The best thing about it is that you don’t even have to go to the woods, a park or to a faraway destination just to experience the benefits of nature. Simply putting up pictures of beautiful natural landscapes in your home and workplace creates a similar, remarkable effect as going outdoors. So when you have your own piece of green, such as a landscaped garden or a well-tended lawn, then that can already bring huge benefits to your health and happiness.

However, it’s understandable if you’re intimidated about maintaining a lawn because of the possible expenses and workload it may entail. What many property owners don’t know is that a lawn can actually be a practical and manageable option, if you know the right and smart ways to take care of it.

One of the first things you need to invest in when you decide to move to a home with a lawn or you want to resurrect your current lawn is the health and condition of the soil. You can ask your local landscape professional to assess the soil first before you grow anything (if the contractor is experienced and skillful, he will most likely suggest this even if you don’t request it).

The landscape contractor can undertake dethatching, irrigation and aeration work as well as apply the necessary treatments, depending on what your soil needs. The result of doing this important but often ignored step is healthy plant and grass growth and fewer problems related to pests, weeds and plant diseases.

The benefit of working with professional landscape experts is that they will not only beautify your property’s outdoor spaces. They will also make sure that maintaining its appearance will be manageable for you. For instance, a local expert will make sure to choose and recommend the plants, grass variety and trees that are known to thrive well in the kind of climate and soil condition you have in your area. When the greens are native to the environment, you can keep them growing for the long term without spending too much time and money caring for them.

Lastly, talk to your landscape contractor about using eco-friendly solutions. They can provide you specific advice and help on the many ways you can keep a lawn in a way that’s sustainable, from watering strategies to the choice of fertilizers to the design of the landscape, and more.