Top 4 Hotel Must-Haves for the New Business Traveler

The suited up, briefcase-toting business traveler has been replaced by the casually clothed, messenger bag-slinging business traveler. If you’re part of this new breed of travelers, then you know your preference for accommodation is in stark contrast to what the traditional corporate executive on a trip would want.

And you needn’t be modest either because a majority of young entrepreneurs like you do have the green to spend. This means that luxury hotels are not out of the running for your choices. But these modern accommodations do have to meet your more unique demands.

Here are four of the most crucial ones to think about when choosing your hotel in town.

1. Connectivity — and Other Geek Features

Young entrepreneurs like you grew up around computers, which makes the technology an indispensable tool. Whether you’re managing your business or just keeping in touch with friends and family, you’re bound to have two or three gadgets when you travel.

This means you need your hotel to provide fast and efficient Wi-Fi. Some hotels might have Internet access only in the lobby and you need to pay to get connected from your room. The best hotel will not have to charge you so you can get what should be standard service in any accommodation today.

Aside from Wi-Fi, modern hotels should also provide innovative features like an interactive tech wall, Bluetooth room key (i.e., you sue your smartphone to open your room), inductive charging (i.e., no more wires when charging your phone), and floor sensor lights so you can get up in the middle of the night without fumbling for lamp switch.

2. Eco-friendly Practices

Young business travelers are mostly eco-conscious. You might not be driving around with an electric car just yet. But you certainly want the places you stay in to have eco-friendly appeal. From sustainable furniture to energy-saving practices to eco-friendly toiletries, your contemporary hotel would be more comfortable if it minimizes its carbon footprint.

3. Cool Design and Amenities

Some of today’s accommodations combine the luxurious amenities of traditional hotels with the ultra cool design of boutique hotels. There is that unique quality plus all the perks of a usual hotel.

Some hotels also go beyond the modern interiors and artistic design, and complete the experience with cool come-ons. These include craft beers, virtual check in, complimentary iPad, and electric guitar rental during your stay.

4. Communal Spaces

Finally, the ideal modern hotel will encourage guests to socialize during their trip to the city. Most new hotels will have floors dedicated for this purpose. The communal space will, of course, have Wi-Fi access, a bar or lounge, and a restaurant. Some hotels may even provide apps that allow guests to find and connect with other travelers. So even when you’re all alone in a new city on business, there’s no reason why you can’t meet new people who have nothing to do with your industry.