What Are the Most “Accidentally Packed” Items from Hotels?

This is not earth-shattering news: Hotel guests take things from hotels. According to the American Hotel & Lodging Association, things taken from rooms have cost hotels $100 million annually. There are cases when taking what’s in your hotel isn’t actually a bad thing.

In fact, a report from Traveller.Com Australia shares that bathroom amenities, like the shampoo, the soap, and body lotion, are all included in the cost of the hotel room. So really, you’re taking what is already rightfully yours. Of course, raiding the housekeeper’s trolley and snatching three of everything — from the towel to the toiletries — might be an entirely different thing.

Toiletries are the number one items that are taken from a variety of hotel rooms. But can you guess the second most taken item?


According to a survey of 800 hotels, nine out of 10 have revealed that lightbulbs follow right on the heels of toiletries. Toiletries, at least, you’ve already paid for, and with branded ones, the hotel actually gets a fair amount of marketing. But lightbulbs?

Other items that frequently get “accidentally packed” by hotel guests also echo the practical appeal of lightbulbs: batteries, towels, duvets, bath mats, and hair dryers. Bibles also get taken from hotel rooms. Well, its whole purpose is to spread “the word,” so …

But then these are actually peanuts compared to what has been taken in many hotels. The list goes from the most unusual (e.g., stuffed boar’s head) to the absurd (e.g., a hotelier’s pet dog). In the matter of the stuffed boar’s head, the hotel guest was caught and eventually, his friends paid for the item and gave it as a wedding gift.

Here are other head-scratching items that have been pinched from hotels.

1. A guest from a Berlin hotel reportedly made off with hydromassage units, toilet seats, showerheads, and the sink.

2. A guest at a Hong Kong hotel came away with something even pricier: an Andy Warhol artwork worth $300,00.

3. A five-star hotel in Dubai had its minibar fridge taken along with the sofa. The guest did leave the contents of the fridge behind.

4. British hotels have had a variety of odd items taken from its rooms and even lobbies:

· The number on the room’s door — discovered only when the next guest was found wandering around the hallway trying to find his room;

· Curtains;

· Door hinges;

· Medieval sword;

· Cutlery;

· 4-foot bear, and

· Sex toys.

5. One hotel chain in the US has had a suit of armor and a 12-foot model of the Concorde stolen.

6. A hotel in Dublin had its Christmas “gifts” taken from under its tree. Of course, the joke’s on the pilfering hotel guests because the “gifts” were just empty boxes.

7. In Istanbul, a luxury hotel room got stripped almost of everything. The hotel guest couldn’t make off with the bed, the TV, and the desk.

And so it seems nothing is safe in a hotel room — although one wonders how on God’s green earth anyone can slip through a hotel with a 12-foot model of anything or a minibar fridge.

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