From hundreds of dollars to thousands, everyone you know will utter those pedantic words…And that, my friends, will become the true phrase that pays. You’ll hear it from everyone, because sadly, unless you’re willing to pursue small claims court, you’ll have to financially regret each day longer you spent with your abuser than you had to. Your ex didn’t care about your well-being, you think they give a damn about what financial burdens they’ve placed on you?
5 Things You Didn’t Know About Walking Away From Your Abuser.
Shay Leonia

$9,000 is the price I’m paying right now; however, it’s money well spent knowing that I don’t have to justify every expenditure; that I don’t need to wait “just one more day” for the medicine I need to survive because him getting a case of beer or an expensive gift for a family member are more important; not having to fight just to get some basic necessities for my wardrobe (panties, bras that fit, socks without holes);to not have my PTSD triggered every day to be rid of the nightly night terrors that haunted me; and to not hear about what a stupid, mean, hateful, or bitter bitch I’m being when I finally do stand up for myself.