Right now, the first amendment is the most important part of the constitution due to the current events that are occurring in the world. Our first amendment states that everyone has freedom of religion. For example, when Donald Trump got into presidency he attacked the Islamic religion. The travel ban placed on Muslims was offensive to the American Muslims that also follow Islam. A Personally, my father’s side of the family all choose to practice Islam. So, when he attacked the Muslims they automatically felt attacked because to them they are all one. In the constitution, it states “Congress may not do anything that regulates or establishes any religion, nor can it do anything to stop people from observing their religion.”

Another thing within the first amendment is the freedom of speech, within 2016–2017 this was questioned due to there being so many different situations that took place where Americans wanted to protest or did protest and were stopped. For example, there were plenty of police brutality protests throughout the year. On July 7th during a peaceful protest in Dallas, Texas, an army veteran fired shots which resulted in the police wanting to end the protest. Although things did get violent, everyone should not have been punished due to one person’s actions. There were plenty other incidents where this occurred. During almost all protest that happened, police was right there trying to stop people from either going down certain streets so certain people wouldn’t hear or just stop them period. But in the constitution, it say “the government may not limit freedom of speech so in any way or form it shouldn’t be limited”.

During my senior year at the career academy in my county where I took my criminal justice elective the class was given an assignment. The assignment was to study criminology in another country other than United States. My group and I decided to go with Asia, so we had to check out this book called “Comparative Criminology in Asia”. While going through the book and learning about their system there was a story about China and their freedom of expression. In china freedom of expression is a privilege and not a right that they have. Since 2006 Chinese citizens have been imprisoned and or tortured for expressing themselves in anyway. The story that we read was on one incident a mother believed that her daughter was gang raped while at a bar and then killed. She strongly believed this but she stated that the police had initially told her one cause of death and wanted to cover it up. After a while she couldn’t sit with what the police had told her so she went to find the forensics and found out that the cause of death was actually what she knew it had been. She then spoke to somebody about it you knew some publishers, three Chinese publishers went on the internet and published the lady story about her daughter. After publishing her story Chinese police found out and the three publishers were arrested and imprisoned for two and a half years. This just shows how not every country has freedom to say things or fight for things that is wrong. So, I am lucky to have the constitution and see that what is put down in the constitution could be for the better.[1]

These two factors of the constitution are very important because I feel like if we didn’t have a freedom of speech of freedom of religion the U.S citizens would be so upset and the world would be in a whole riot, which wouldn’t be pretty so I'm happy that this is in the constitution because if you ever get in trouble for something you said long as it wasn’t a threat you can refer to the constitution.

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