From Windows to Linux

The thought of switching from Windows to a Linux operating system is a nightmare only a few can relate. When I first acquired my laptop, I didn’t even know Linux operating systems exist. That was four years ago. I then happened to join the computer science class, and that’s when I heard about Linux. Who knows, maybe without joining the computer science class in college, I wouldn’t have ever known Linux systems exist.

Linux is an open-source software operating systems built around the Linux kernel. The most important feature of Linux operating systems is the terminal. The terminal gives a Linux user full control of the system from one point. Unlike the Windows operating system that is mostly based on graphical user interfaces, with Linux, you have to be familiar with basic Linux commands.

I have always thought of Linux as a geek-oriented operating system. I thought of it as an operating system for the best programmers. Owing to the fact that I have for a long time thought that I’m not good enough as much as programming is concerned, I have always avoided Linux systems like a plague. I used to say that I’ll start using it later and that ‘later’ took so long to come.

Not so long ago, a friend of mine challenged me. He asked me why I was so stuck with windows. The obvious response was that I was scared of the command line. He immediately asked me if I knew about commands like ls, cd, touch. These are commands I’ve heard about all through my campus life. He said those are enough to get me started real quick. Of course, I went through the process denial for a while then I decided I was going to take up the challenge.

At first, I was thinking of having both Windows and Linux so that when I got stuck in Linux, I would switch back to Windows. One fateful day, in the middle of the night, I woke up, backed up important files in windows and decided I’m shifting fully to Linux. I had never even installed an operating system before. Someone always did it for me. I had this fear that I will mess things up and lose my data. That day I was alone, and I really wanted to shift, so I went to the official Ubuntu website, downloaded the latest version of Ubuntu and went through the installation instructions step by step.

I didn’t even know you have to make the OS bootable from a flask disk first before installing it. Thank God for StackOverflow, that’s the best thing that ever happened to anyone in the tech field. Before dawn that day, I had my Linux system up and running. I had never felt that awesome before, I actually felt like a genius for the first time. I was so curious about the Unix commands I kept trying them out and just felt nice about it. Then I realized using a Linux based operating system is not even hard. It’s just about having the right attitude.

What’s funny is that it has been two weeks since I switched yet when I see a developer use windows I feel like it’s not ‘right’. That’s funny because I’ve been there for four good years. Well, I honestly don’t miss windows even for a second. Linux is so much fun and I don’t know why I was so hesitant about shifting. Oh, I know, I had a fixed mindset back then. Cheers to growth and cheers to all the awesome people around me. You are the influence I need!