Team Eagle-craft

Eagle-craft is the name we settled for after a few moments of debating. We are a team of eight members, seven of which are fellow boot campers and one an LFA. We started working as a team just a few days ago but we’ve already adapted real quick. Our typical day involves writing standups, consulting each other and helping each other with ideas to solve problems. It has been a good experience so far, meeting new people and working with them as if we knew each other before. This is because we all have a common goal, being EPIC.

Among the eight teammates, there’s Boniface Orwa, the team’s LFA. He is basically the sense of direction of the team. He sets up reminders on when we should post our standups. He reviews our work and gives timely feedback. He is detail oriented. Sometimes I ignore little things in my code because I feel they won’t affect the output but he identifies them and instructs me to make changes before I proceed. I find it interesting working with him because he understands his duty and holds it at heart. He is also very keen on progress, he asks us to update him on our progress. I find him approachable, someone you can approach at any time and he will be available.

We also have Meshack Ogeto. The first day we had a meeting, he was seated right next to me. What struck me first was his user interface for challenge one. I found it really beautiful, more beautiful than what I had. There’s this thing that people say that females are better UI designer than males but apparently, that’s just a myth. He’s also very inquisitive, he asks and asks. Seating next to him means you should be ready for some questions or basically some type of conversation. I find that really interesting because he keeps me engaged. I end up viewing situations at different angles and seeing things I couldn’t have seen before. Something really interesting is that he had never done anything to do with python before. He is just starting, yet the zeal he has to master concepts in python is really outstanding

Daniel Kigen is another member of our team. I knew him quite earlier during the workshops and I have interacted with him from time to time. I remember when I wanted to shift from Windows to Linux, I borrowed his hard disk drive and went with it home. Since then he has been my person. When I need any clarifications I just reach out to him. When I was starting out with Ubuntu, he really helped me get started. When we started working on the challenges, I wasn’t so good at Javascript yet our first challenge needed some Javascript. I reached out to him and he gave me great ideas.

Lastly, I will talk about Nicanor Korir. At first, one could mistake him for being quiet. That’s what I thought at first because he has this look that sounds quiet but I was surprised at how aggressive he is. When we were debating on what team name to have, he pointed at his shirt. It had the word craft on it so we decided to add the name Eagle just to be more descriptive. He is just as inquisitive as Meshack. When I started interacting with him, he had issues with his tests but he has this passion for excellence. He’s such a team player, he always asks and gives suggestions. He turns out to be among the most active, I still wonder why I thought he was the reserved type.

That’s just a highlight of what my team is like but there’s much more to say. Being around people who value teamwork is the best thing that can ever happen to anyone in any organization. I’m glad I met my teammates and I look forward to the day all of us will make it to Andela. Yes, we can.