I suppose everything you said is great if you’re willing to dedicate hundreds of more hours into…
Andrew Hopper

Very much agree. I have never played previous Pokemon games and I had no interest into “battling”, not even the current gym battle (if I do I would have been addicted to some other games years ago but I never was). So although I completely understand what Mathios meant by fetching vs. taking adventures, fetching rare spawns hardly puts me at advantage over other players. It did have helped me register rare spawns a little sooner a little faster than I could have (which is my main goal), but only by very sheer margin, because almost all of them appeared at a time when it’s impossible for me to catch (at least not without jaywalking and risking being hit by a car). Again I’m not competing the registration speed with anyone. The most sustainable solution that products like PokeVision have provided is to help me plan my walking route slightly more strategically, while the rest still depends on luck.

I know I can’t speak for other players (maybe the majority of them), but I know I’m not the only one who plays Pokemon Go this way. I understand why people call using products like PokeVision “cheating”, but I feel at least to players like me, it is a little overstate.

And I also understand that Niantic is upset about such behavior, however since the game is not a nuclear weapon key, I hope it tolerant a diversity of players play it in the way they enjoy.

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